Elle Macpherson reveals how to rejuvenate your skin

Elle Macpherson reveals how to rejuvenate your skin. Fashion guru and business entrepreneur, Elle Macpherson reveals the secret to how she maintains her flawless looks.

The 54-year old Australian beauty explains that she must get the minimum sleep time of 7 hours per night as it contributes to improving her complexion as it allows important skin cells to repair and rejuvenate themselves.

Macpherson who is classed as one of the original Supermodels of the 80’s, insists that anyone who has suffered sun damage or toxic overload as the result of late nights can turn this negative impact around by catching up on their sleep.

Chatting to UK, health and beauty magazine, “Get The Goss” Elle said “A good night’s sleep is a must! I have learned to be a better sleeper in recent years and am a solid seven-hours-a-night girl now. ”

“We need our beauty sleep, it’s a scientific fact. I learned from my nutritional doctor Dr Simone Laubscher PhD, that the outer or top layer of our skin comprises tightly-packed dead skin cells which are constantly shed throughout the day.”

“During deep sleep, the skin’s metabolic rate speeds up, which helps with repair. Whether it’s damage from factors such as ultraviolet rays or internal toxic overload from too many late nights, we really do need our ‘beauty sleep’.



The “Body” Macpherson as nicknamed by Time magazine back in the later 80’s, owns her own lifestyle company “Wellco” that produces dietary supplements designed by leading nutritional doctors using carefully formulated ingredients derived from wholefoods.

For people who struggle to get that all important night’s sleep required to keep their body healthy and fit, the blonde beauty suggests her Calming Mist product.

She went on to explain: “For quality beauty sleep, I brew a pot of Welleco Sleep Well Calming tea and spritz my pillows with Sleep Welle Calming Mist. ”

“The lavender scent really adds to the sense of calm I try to create before bed. If I still have trouble calming my mind, I lie on my back, place my feet up the wall, and stretch my arms (like the yoga pose viparita karani – ‘legs up the wall’ pose.”It has an immediate meditative effect on me. All I need is five minutes like that and I’m calm and ready for sleep.”

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