Emily Ratajkowski unveils her new lingerie collection

Emily Ratajkowski unveils her new lingerie collection. American model and actress, Emily Ratajkowski has just released her own underwear collection under the name “Inamorata BODY

Emily O’Hara Ratajkowski (AKA) Emily Ratajkowski already has a successful swimwear collection called “Inamorata” that she launched back in 2017 and has now gone to extend her fashion line with the introduction of “Inamorata BODY” that includes lingerie and ladies underwear.



The 27-year beauty got in front of the lenses to model her own collection and revealed she wanted her new lingerie collection to be comfortable to the wearer and not high maintenance.

Chatting to the American version of Vogue, Ratajkowski said: “I was trying to evoke the feeling of a confident girl who wears her bathing suit all day and how that attitude would translate when you’re not at the beach. I asked myself: How exactly does that feeling fit into our lives in New York? ”

Ultimately it is about a cotton pantie that you have on around the house and then wear out to get coffee. I always want something that feels really good or comfortable but isn’t high-maintenance.”

Her new collection includes a wide choice of eighteen different styles of lingerie that includes  seamless thongs, lacy bralettes and ribbed bodysuits which are incidentally named after streets in New York City and come in a range of fashionable colours.



The Californian brunette revealed that she’d been working on the Inamorata BODY collection for just over a year and she personally is delighted with the results of her new collection.

Chatting on her social media account, Instagram, Emily said: “A little over a year of @inamoratawoman and I’m so thrilled to finally share what I’ve been working on for you guys. Introducing BODY, a category that is so much more than lingerie. I hope you guys love it as much as I do. Shop now. (sic)”

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