The secret behind Ariana Grande’s great look

The secret behind Ariana Grande’s great look. American singer, Ariana Grande has revealed that she turned to ICONIC London Illuminator drops to create her shining complexion in the video for her music single ‘Breathin’.

The 25-year old popster, used the British cosmetic brand’s product to create her shining complexion in the video for her hit single ‘Breathin’ and her makeup artist, Rokael Lizama, claims the “bomb” highlighter gives a “stand-out gloss” which he finishes with an ICONIC Prep Set Glow setting spray.

Chatting to Miss Vogue, she said: “I love using ICONIC London’s Illuminator drops because they are the perfect texture to melt into her skin and give the most intense highlight.

“It doesn’t look chalky on the skin either which is amazing – it really gives a stand-out gloss. I also used my favourite ICONIC Prep Set Glow spray all over Ariana’s face and decolletage to finish the look for ‘Breathin.’ They’re so bomb!”

The beauty guru who also looked after Beyonce’s ‘On The Run II’ tour makeup revealed that the reason extravagant highlighters have become the latest beauty trend, is because the product gives the effect of “healthy, luminous skin”.

She said: “I think we are hooked on highlighters because it gives the effect of healthy, luminous skin and who doesn’t want that?! “They can be versatile – ICONIC’s Illuminator can lend light to lacklustre complexions; be blended in to your foundation, primer or moisturiser; or used on its own for a real shine.”

Rokael went on to explain that to create the best glowing look the highlight should be mixed with foundation and applied with a cosmetics sponge. She said: “Simply mix one or two drops of the ICONIC Illuminator in with your foundation and apply with a Beauty Blender. This will create a beautiful ‘soft focus’ effect to the skin and leave a glowing complexion.”


The secret behind Ariana Grande’s great look


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