8 Must-Have Makeup Brushes For Under €25

8 Must-Have Makeup Brushes For Under €25. There are just some beauty looks that require a brush. They allow you to create everything from a pared-back face to a red-carpet contour.

But what makeup brushes should you have in your bag?

With so many out there that all promise to do different things, it can be a bit overwhelming.

But, the truth is, unless you’re a professional MUA, you don’t need a whole load of makeup brushes in your collection.

So to save you some hassle of trying to find the right makeup brushes, I’ve put together 8 of them that you should definitely own.


ZOEVA 114 Soft Concealer Brush €9.50



While you won’t need this with all types of concealer (some blend better when you use your finger), a good concealer brush is definitely a must-have for applying product very precisely to small areas. This one from ZOEVA is great as it lets you pick up and blend even the thickest of concealers. You can even use a brush like this to apply shimmery eye makeup, just make sure to clean your brush really well after!


NYX Pro Blending Brush €12.00



Blending is serious beauty business – amazing blending is all it takes to elevate your look from simple to chic. And when it comes to blending, having the right brush is essential. This NYX brush is long and rounded and is the right size for getting into your crease and helping you achieve that flawless, blended look.


ABH Large Synthetic Duo Brow Brush €20.25



We all know the importance of eyebrows when it comes to makeup. And thanks to Cara Delevingne, there has been more of an emphasis on getting the perfect looking brows over the past couple of years. Whether you’re filling in sparse areas or drawing on an entirely new pair, an amazing eyebrow brush is essential. This brush from Anastasia Beverly Hills is perfect for precise application, grooming and blending.


Morphe JH09 Brush €10.00



If you’re into strobing (who isn’t), then you already know how crucial it is to have a good highlighting brush. This brush from Jaclyn Hill’s Morphe collection is a must-have when it comes to highlight. It picks up just the right amount of product and feels incredibly soft on the skin. It also allows you to build up your highlight, depending on whether you want a subtle glow or a more intense look.


wet n wild Powder Brush €4.00



Some people swear by sponges: but brushes are where it’s at for face powder application. Enabling you to pick up just the lightest bit of powder, a large, fluffy brush forces you to use a light hand (so no pressing on so much product that you look liked a powdered doughnut).


Glamher Booth Blush or Bronzer Brush €8.95



The perfect blush brush is the difference between having flawless, rosy cheeks and looking like a clown. The perfect blush brush is about the same width as the apples of your cheeks with loosely-packed bristles. This brush from Glamher Booth is amazing for both you blush and your bronzer.


Nanshy Flat Top Foundation Brush €11.25



Some people love using sponges to apply their foundation but, depending on the type of foundation you use, sometimes brushes are better. Especially when it comes to powder or cream foundation. And this flat top brush from Nanshy applies and blends product seamlessly onto your skin for an airbrush finish.


BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Brush 9 Small Flat Shader €5.95



For applying eyeshadow to small spaces, like your inner corner and brow bone, you need a small brush. This brush from BH Cosmetics is the perfect size for applying, blending or smudging your eyeshadow. You can even use it as a concealer brush for the smaller areas of your face.


8 Must-Have Makeup Brushes For Under €25

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