Best Makeup Products For Super Glowy Skin

Best Makeup Products For Super Glowy Skin. Until scientists figure out how to bottle the skin-flattering effects of a good night sleep into a bottle, we have to rely on makeup for glowy skin a.k.a highlighters, strobing creams, luminizers.

In just seconds, glowy makeup products can make your skin look radiant, vibrant and well-rested – kind of like you’ve applied an Instagram filter on your face.

I’ve broken down the different types of glowy makeup products you can get your hands on, from creams, to powders, to sticks to everything in between.

Cream: A cream highlighter has the same texture as a cream blush, only instead of giving you a pop of colour, you get a serious strobing effect. Creams are the go-to texture for normal to dry skin tones as they mimic the skin’s texture perfectly and give you the most natural looking glow.

Zoeva Strobe Gel €12.50

After applying your liquid based product (be it a BB cream, tinted moisturiser or foundation), blend the cream onto the high points of your face. Zoeva’s Strobe Gel melts into your skin and blends out for a flawless looking highlight.

Liquid: Liquid highlighter tend to be thin in consistency, but give you a more dewy, luminous look. Although they have a thin texture, they tend to be highly concentrated cosmetics compared to other types. They work best for normal to dry skin, but can make oily skin look a bit greasy.

Barry M Liquid Chrome €11.99

For an all over glow, mix a small amount of Barry M’s Liquid Chrome Highlighter with your foundation and then apply to the skin or you can apply it to the highpoints of your face after you apply your foundation, using a brush or fingertips.

Stick: A stick highlighter is solid but goes onto your skin like a cream. Because it’s technically a cream, it does work best for normal to dry skin types. Stick highlighters are convenient and don’t require any tools for application, only your fingertips.

Maybelline Master Strobing Stick Highlighter €9.99

A crowd favourite is Maybelline’s Strobing Stick,as it works with any skin tone, it’s easy to blend out and it’s perfect for throwing in your makeup bag or purse.

Powder: Typically pressed, powder highlighters pack the most punch and usually last longer than other formulas. They work best for normal to oily skin types. They doesn’t disappear minutes after you apply them and won’t make naturally dewy skin look greasy.

NYX Born to Glow Highlighters €11.00

NYX’s Born to Glow Highlighters are soft and creamy and very pigmented. If you use powder foundation, just lay your powder highlighter on top. If you use liquid or cream foundations, set it with a translucent powder before applying your powder highlight.

Drops: These are super-concentrated liquid luminizers that you can add to your existing products, like your face cream, foundations, etc. They’re the dewiest option available because they mix in with your foundation to give your skin an all over radiance. They are a great option for mature or dehydrated skin types because they give your skin an instant boost.

Cover FX Custom Enhancer Drops €27.00

Cover FX’s Custom Enhancer Drops are incredibly concentrated so you only need a little bit to give you luminous looking skin. They mix into your other liquid products easily and are very blendable.

Best Makeup Products For Super Glowy Skin

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