5 Affordable Mascaras That Won’t Flake

5 Affordable Mascaras That Won’t Flake. Flaky mascara is unacceptable. There’s nothing worse than perfectly applying your mascara only to find it rimming your eyes or around your cheeks a few hours later.

Not only is it a pain, but, when the right product, is completely avoidable.

Here’s 5 mascaras that will leave you flake-free and long-lashed.

No7 Stay Perfect Mascara €18.00

This is great for adding length without any clumps or smudges, and is ideal for anyone who wants to apply their mascara once and forget about it for the rest of the day. It lasts up to 24 hours and is easily removed with water.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara €4.10

This insanely affordable mascara is perfect for separating and lifting lashes while also holding them in place all day.

L’Oreal Paris Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara €16.99

This mascara lengthens the look of your lashes with minimal effort, plus it washes off easily at the end of the day.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara €11.99

Waterproof mascaras have long been the solution to the struggle of flaky mascara and this one from Maybelline is no different. The fanning brush has 10 layers of bristles, which means incredible volume, and give you a false lash effect in just a few swipes.

L’Oreal Paris Paradise Mascara €16.49

This mascara is a favourite among beauty bloggers and editors and is a must have for your makeup bag. It comes in a variety of black so you can control the intensity of your look without sacrificing the volume, length and flake-free wear.

5 Affordable Mascaras That Won’t Flake

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