Why Naomi Campbell loves Tiffany & Co

Why Naomi Campbell loves Tiffany & Co. Supermodel of the 90’s, Naomi Campbell has revealed that her favourite piece of jewellery is a diamond Tiffany & Co waist chain which she hasn’t taken off in almost 20 years

The 48-year-old London beauty who stars in the iconic brand’s new Dreamland Holiday campaign has revealed that she has a custom designed platinum “Diamonds by the Yard” waist-chain designed by Tiffany that has “become part of her”, and is special to her because nobody can see it.

Chatting to on-line celebrity mag, People, Naomi said: “I’ve been wearing it for almost 20 years. “I have it on now and I never take it off. It’s not something you can see, but it’s become a part of me. I’m very attached to it.”

The British fashion model stars in the festive commercial alongside her “family” member Xiao Wen Ju, Zoe Kravitz and Maye Musk which is themed around a Mad Hatter-style tea party.

Campbell added: “Zoë is like family to me, so it was wonderful to work with her on this project. Tiffany & Co. always does an amazing job of telling a story, and the theme ‘Believe in Dreams’ spoke so truly to me. It’s something I live my life by.” Meanwhile, Naomi who is infamous for her sleek toned figure and sculpted look admitted that she only started visiting the gym “about a year ago”.

She revealed that she actually only just started to work out in the gym just over a year ago and admits that it helps her both physically and mentally.

“I have so much energy after a circuit workout, and I love the calming, spiritual side that yoga brings me. Blending the two workouts for me is the perfect combination.


Why Naomi Campbell loves Tiffany & Co


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